$5 / month

  • 500 Gold/month
  • Join full servers
  • Access to testing new games
  • Private Discord chat
  • Flight in Hub
  • Change your name color
  • +3 homes (5 total) on Survival

There are two different donator roles (with one overarching donator role given to all donators no matter what): Preferred and Subscriber. Preferred is for anyone who has donated at some point in time, but is not actively subscribed. Subscriber is exactlty what it seems like it would be, someone who is currently subscribed. We do also keep track of the months in a row someone has been subscribed also, which gets announced in chat every month!


Gold is the cosmetic-based currency on the server. Gold is only available for donators (subscribers get 500 every month), and is (currently) only used to buy cosmetics like hats and particles. As of right now, cosmetics can only be used in the Hub, but we have intentions to extend this beyond that.